Bankruptcy Document List

1. Photocopy of each client’s Driver’s License & Social Security Card.

2. Copy of the Certificate of Credit Counseling for each Debtor. Courses are available online at (Allen Credit & Debt Counseling) or at (DebtorCC). You can take the course over the phone through Allen Credit & Debt Counseling Agency by calling 1-888-415-8173. Credit counseling course certificate expires 180 days after it is issued. Therefore, we recommend that you do this last to ensure it does not expire prior to being able to file your bankruptcy case.

3. All Titles for all titled property (automobiles, mobile homes, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, etc.). If you are unable to locate your title, or it is in the lender’s possession, please provide us with a copy of your Confirmation of Ownership and/or a copy of your Certificate of Vehicle Registration.

4. Kelley Blue Book private party valuation for all vehicles, we cannot use trade-in values. Website:

5. NADA valuation for all recreational vehicles, if any. Website:

6. Copies of all Recorded Deeds and Recorded Mortgages for all Real Property (homes, land, vacation homes, cabins, time shares).

7. *Pay stubs for the six (6) month period prior to filing your case for each debtor for each job.*

8. *Documentation of any income from the following sources, if any, for the 6 month period prior to filing your case for each debtor: alimony; child support; Social Security, unemployment, and other public benefit payments; pensions; rental income; money collected from lawsuits; and gambling and lottery winnings.*

9. If you are paying child support and/or alimony please provide the name/address of the payee. If you are receiving child support and/or alimony please provide the name and address of the payor.

10. Copy of your personal (and business, if any) 2019 Tax Return with all attachments (W-2s, 1099s, etc.).

11. Copy of your personal (and business, if any) 2020 Tax Return with all attachments (W-2s, 1099s, etc.).

12. Copy of each client’s credit report. Please run your credit reports from all three reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax) using We will need the reports from this site. DO NOT use sites like Credit Karma, etc. as they do not provide us with all the necessary information needed to complete the bankruptcy documents. If you only provide one of the three credit reports requested you will run the risk of missing a creditor(s) that may be listed on the missing credit reports.

13. Most recent bill/statement from each creditor (including statements showing current loan/mortgage balances).

14. Copies of all credit card statements for the last three (3) months.

15. *Copies of all bank/credit union statements for the last three (3) months.*

16. *Copies of the most recent statement regarding all life/AD&D insurance policies, retirement accounts, investments, etc. Please indicate if any of your retirement accounts were inherited from another party.*

17. Copy of file stamped divorce decree if divorced within the last eight (8) years.

18. Documents regarding any workman’s compensation or personal injury claim, if any.

19. Completed worksheets (done online through

20. Signed Bankruptcy Fee Payment Agreement and signed 527 Notices.