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Are There Signs That Divorce is Imminent?

A marriage can only succeed when both spouses are committed to making it work, fixing what is broken, and are connected with each other emotionally and physically. Divorce is a difficult word to hear come from your spouse’s mouth, but it is no longer so taboo when it comes to society’s expectations. As more and more marriages end in divorce, there are common warning signs that spouses should be on the lookout for regarding their marriage.

The Intimacy is Gone

Intimacy is a two-way street. It is also something that occurs in two layers – physically and emotionally. When a marriage no longer has intimacy, in either form or neither form, it will likely be difficult to repair. Spouses need to be able to receive emotional support from each other after a hard day at work, school, or with family problems. Spouses must also be able to express their love for each other physically. If this cannot happen, the marriage might end up in divorce.

Plans for the Future Have Changed

Most couples discuss the future prior to exchanging vows on their wedding day. These conversations typically involve children, where to live, where to spend the holidays, and more. One of the most important of these is children. If one spouse’s plans for the future changes, either no longer wanting children or wanting children, the marriage could be difficult to save.

Avoiding Time with Spouse

Another warning sign of divorce is when you do everything possible to avoid time with your spouse. Do you stay late at work? Do you go out after work with friends? This is not uncommon in today’s world, but when this becomes a daily habit to avoid spending time with your spouse at home, you could be headed for a divorce.

Playing the Blame Game

When the two of you begin playing the blame game and it only gets worse, your marriage could be in a lot of trouble. You likely do this when the laundry has not been done, there are dirty dishes in the sink, the bills are late being paid, and other chores have not been completed. A marriage must include compromise as well as give and take. When you start blaming things on each other, there will be a lot of arguments and resentment.

Hiding Money

Spouses who hide money from each other likely have trust issues. They might also have issues with selfishness. Hiding money is never smart to do in any relationship. It can be a death sentence for your marriage.

Making Excuses

Do you find yourself making excuses for your spouse more often than not? Are these excuses made in front of family and friends? Making excuses for your spouse being absent from events or holidays can be a sure sign that divorce is in your future. It can also be a sign that the two of you have subconsciously accepted that your marriage is done.

If you have experienced any of the warning signs described in today’s post you need to speak with an experienced Wisconsin family law attorney about your situation. Contact the office of Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd. today to schedule an appointment.

Published September 30, 2018
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