Starting a Business

We offer cost-effective legal support for start-up businesses.

If you're starting a business, chances are someone has given you this advice: "There are two professionals every business will need early on: an accountant and a lawyer." When you’re starting a new business, it’s important to solicit the help of a business attorney as early as possible to help ensure the business is set up correctly, to minimize your risk, and to best position you for long-term success.

The expert business and corporate law attorneys at Moen Sheehan Meyer can advise you on various aspects of starting a business in Wisconsin or Minnesota.

Choosing the Right Business Structure

There can be a lot of confusion around which type of business is right for you, and the advice found online can be hard to interpret. We’ll have a discussion about your goals and vision for the company, and help you make an informed determination of which business type and tax structure, such as LLC, S-Corp, or C-Corp, is right for you.

Choosing the right business type and tax structure can:

  • Help minimize your risk
  • Set the company up for future growth
  • Minimize future rework
  • Provide credibility with prospective vendors, customers, and employees

After we’ve helped you make a determination about the appropriate business type and tax structure for your business, we’ll work with you to:

  • Complete and file the articles of organization, incorporation, or partnership
  • Create an operating or partnership agreement between the owners
  • Create the basic corporate documents your business will need, which may include bylaws, meeting minutes, subscription agreements, stock certificates, etc.
  • Obtain necessary permits or licenses

Drafting Contracts

Hit the ground running with the proper contracts with partners, employees, vendors, and clients. Relying on forms found online or provided by the other party without review can put you and your business at risk, as the laws vary by state and the types of contracts (and the language they include) should be customized for your industry, business, and personal situation.

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Legal Considerations as Your Business Grows

We’ve advised local businesspeople on starting up many of the businesses you recognize in the Coulee Region. And we continue to advise those entrepreneurs as their businesses grow and evolve, with things like:

  • Registering your business in other states
  • Selling or buying assets
  • Selling or buying real estate
  • Leasing commercial real estate as both landlord and tenant
  • Hiring or firing employees
  • Defending workers' compensation claims
  • Negotiating franchise agreements
  • Working through real estate issues like zoning, easements, and development and use issues
  • Developing a licensing agreement to protect your intellectual property for a new product or process
  • Filing or responding to a lawsuit
  • Selling your business, shares, or underlying assets
  • Serving as your Registered Agent
  • Negotiating and closing commercial loans, including Small Business Administration (SBA) loans

Consider us a Trusted Advisor for your Business

If it's the first time you've started a business, it's likely you have many questions.

  • Can I operate my business out of my home?
  • How can I limit my personal liability? What type of insurance do I need?
  • How will starting a new business impact my taxes?
  • What laws and regulations do I need to be aware of and in compliance with?
  • Do I need a permit or license to operate my business?
  • What if my preferred business name is already taken?
  • How do I go about getting a business loan?

Beyond helping you with the legal necessities of starting a business, we can offer suggestions for other important business start-up considerations and direct you to other resources in the community that can help you. Many clients have found that a conversation with one of our experienced business law attorneys yields more than just great legal advice—it provides information and resources for other important business start-up considerations and questions.

Give us a call at 608-784-8310 to schedule a consultation with one of our business attorneys.



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