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How Long Does the Child Adoption Process Take?

For many couples, having their own child is not possible. Adoption is a great option for those who want to have a family. The adoption process can be complex, and some people wonder how long it will take to bring a child into their home. There are many variables that impact the length of time it takes to complete the adoption process. Generally, adopting an infant in Wisconsin may take from six months to two years. Adoption of an older child may take slightly less time. An experienced adoption attorney will help guide the process and make it as fast and easy as possible.

About Adoption

Adoption is a way to establish legal guardianship between children and non-biological parents. There are different types of adoption including adoption through the child welfare system, private adoption, adoption by relatives, and international adoption. The most common adoptions occur through the welfare system and through private agencies. You may adopt a child of any age, however, there is typically a waitlist, particularly for infants. Older children may be part of the welfare system and might be available for foster care, which could possibly end with adoption. One of the things prospective parents will need to decide is the age of the child they want to adopt. You may also consider adopting a child from another country, which may be a longer process.

The Adoption Process

To know the length of time it will take to complete adoption, it is helpful to understand the process. By learning the process, you may be able to shorten the length of time it will take to complete an adoption. Whether you go through a private adoption or through the welfare system, you will need to submit an application. Typically, you will need to go through a review process. Part of the process is a home study. You can complete the home study as soon as possible to help speed up the adoption steps. The home study is a review to ensure that you are physically, mentally, financially, and legally prepared for adoption. The biological parents of the child must relinquish their rights to allow for adoption. Placement may be temporary for a period of time until the process is complete.

Avoid Adoption Pitfalls

To make adoption as smooth as possible, you will want to try to know some of the potential pitfalls. When you adopt an infant through a private agency, the mother could change her mind about giving up the baby. The biological father could object to the adoption and relatives might want to give the child a home. It is important to have steady employment and a comfortable home where you will be able to give a child the essentials as well as the love and support they will need to grow and thrive. Preparing ahead of the process will make it easier and less stressful. An experienced adoption attorney will assist you through adoption and will follow the proper legal process to make sure that the adoption will be completed properly.

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Published May 23, 2022
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