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How Soon Can I Get Remarried After Getting Divorced in Wisconsin?

After a divorce, many people swear they will never get married again. Others wish to be remarried quickly.

Once a person decides to get married again, they may find that they cannot easily do so. Unlike most other states, Wisconsin does not allow divorced folks to remarry so quickly. There is a law in place that has restrictions on how soon a person can remarry after divorce. 

What the Law Says

Wisconsin is one of just six states that requires a waiting period to remarry after a divorce.

Under Statute 765.03 of Wisconsin state law, a person must wait six months after getting divorced before they can remarry. The six months starts after the judgment of divorce has been granted, so the time starts after the final divorce decree has been issued. This law applies to those who have divorced in Wisconsin as well as those who divorced in another state or country but wish to remarry in Wisconsin.

Following a divorce, both individuals must consent to this law. They will need to sign a legal acknowledgment stating that they will adhere to the law. If they fail to obey this law, the subsequent marriage will be considered void. On top of that, they can face penalties such as nine months in jail and $10,000 in fines.

What to Consider Before Remarriage

Before making the decision to walk down the aisle again after a divorce, keep these considerations in mind:

  • After a divorce, your focus should be on the children, if you have them. They are dealing with the emotional fallout of the divorce as well. Trying to bring another partner into the mix can be upsetting and confusing, especially when the person tries to parent your children.
  • For second marriages, the odds are not in your favor. Close to 65% will fail. This percentage increases for every subsequent marriage.
  • Finances can be tricky with subsequent marriages since your primary financial responsibility is to your children. It may be a good idea to have a prenuptial agreement in place for this reason.
  • Resentment or jealousy. If you have kids, your ex-spouse will be a part of your life at least until the kids are grown. How does your new partner feel about that? Are they jealous toward your ex in any way?

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Do not be in a rush to get married again after a divorce. State law does not allow it, and most likely for a good reason. Slow down and really think about your reasons for getting married again.

The family law attorneys at Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd. can help you understand the ramifications of remarrying after a divorce and whether or not it would be in your best interest.

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Published February 14, 2022
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