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How to Prepare for Your Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

If you have been injured in an accident that happened while you were working, you are entitled to seek compensation for your medical bills and lost wages through a workers’ compensation claim. To receive this compensation, you will have to undergo an independent medical evaluation (IME) with one of the doctors provided to you by your employer. Why do you need to work with one of these physicians instead of your regular doctor? In many cases, these physicians work closely with the insurance providers to keep their costs low by minimizing claimants’ needs. As a claimant, you need to be careful to ensure that your injury is fairly evaluated and if it is not, that you take the correct action in a timely manner with help from an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

Prepare yourself for your IME by taking the following steps.

Be Ready to Answer Questions Thoroughly, but Not Over Share

There is an important line to note between being thorough and over sharing. When you are discussing your accident and detailing your injury to the doctor during your IME, be sure to answer your doctor’s questions without rambling on, potentially saying something that can harm your claim. Practice answering IME questions with your attorney before your examination.

Be Honest with Your Answers

If the doctor asks you a question, answer him or her honestly. Do this even if you think the answer could reflect poorly on your claim, like a statement that a certain action or body part does not hurt. What you need from your IME is an accurate evaluation, not an exaggerated one.

Discuss any prior injuries you have sustained, whether they are similar to your current injury or not. Also discuss your work history and the type of environment in which you work.

Prepare a Written Statement

This makes it easier for you to remember all of the talking points you wanted to discuss. This does not have to be anything formal; a bullet list on a sheet of notebook paper will do. Use this as your guide for your questions and answers.

Bring a Friend or Relative

Bring a friend or relative who can act as a witness to your examination. If you need to contest the doctor’s findings later, this individual can support your claim by providing a testimony. He or she can also help you remember any questions you wanted to ask or provide additional insight to your descriptions of your injury, especially if he or she was present when it occurred.

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in La Crosse

When you are suffering from an injury sustained in a workplace accident, you need to work with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to ensure that your rights and interests are protected as you proceed with your workers’ compensation claim. At Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd., we are here to provide you with this type of assurance. Contact our firm today to schedule your legal consultation with us and let us guide you through the often confusing process of seeking money through a workers’ compensation claim.

Published August 17, 2018
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