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Important Tips for Preventing Nursing Home Abuse

When the time comes to make the difficult decision about where your elderly parent will live, you will likely go through a range of emotions. You might feel stress, worry, sadness, and even relief when you finally decide. Coming to the realization that you cannot offer them the care and attention they need in their own home or your home can be difficult and stressful. When you decide that a nursing home is the best place for your loved one, you need to know how to prevent nursing home abuse.

Communicate Frequently with Your Loved One

It is important to have frequent communication with your loved one when he or she is living in a nursing home, even if you have zero issues with the home. The more often you speak with or visit your loved one, the more you will be able to find out about the staff at the nursing home and how your loved one is treated. An open line of communication will make it easier to spot possible abuse and put a stop to it immediately.

Screen Caregivers as Much as Possible

It can be difficult to screen the staff members who work at the nursing home where your loved one lives, but you should still keep a watchful eye on them. If your parent lives in a facility where you are allowed to hire your own caregiver, make sure you conduct a background check on the caregiver prior to hiring him or her for the job.

Observe Your Loved One’s Behavior

The behavior of a person who is being abused will drastically change, and it might change overnight. Keep an eye on your loved one’s attitude, behavior, and willingness to talk to staff members when you are present. If your parent seems reserved all of a sudden or wary to talk about things in front of the staff, then it is possible he or she is scared. You need to report this change in behavior or attitude immediately to the management team.

Check Medication Schedule

Your loved one should have a medication schedule that is followed by the nursing home staff. Check the schedule regularly to ensure your parent is receiving his or her prescribed medication at the right time and at the correct dosage. If there are issues with the medication being administered, you need to notify the management team immediately.

Talk About Abuse

Do not be afraid to talk to your parent about abuse that goes on in nursing homes. Explain the signs to them so they know what to look for and explain how they should speak up right away if they do not feel comfortable in any situation.

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Published November 5, 2018
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