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Keep Your Child Safe at Summer Camp this Year

For many children and teens throughout the United States, spending time at summer camp is an integral part of summer vacation where new friendships and memories are made. If your child is heading off to camp this summer, whether he or she is going for the first time or as a summer camp veteran, it is important that you discuss ways to make his or her time at camp safer.

Summer camp often involves physical activities like hiking, swimming, and competitive sports. These are great ways to build children’s self esteem and physical fitness, but they can also lead to injuries. Even relatively low-impact activities like boating and sitting around a campfire can lead to injuries if certain safety precautions are not taken. If your child is injured in an accident at summer camp this year, consider working with an experienced personal injury lawyer to pursue a claim.

Familiarize Yourself with the Camp Rules

Before your child leaves for camp, go over the camp’s specific rules with him or her. These rules can usually be found on the camp’s website or by contacting a staff member. Often, the rules in place at a summer camp are a combination of general rules, such as a ban on any devices that could be fire hazards inside cabins, and rules specific to the camp’s activities, such as a requirement that any camper attending a camp with a lake pass a swimming proficiency test.

Premises Liability at Summer Camp

If your child is injured because of a failure on the camp’s part to protect him or her from injury, the camp may be liable for your child’s damages. Examples of scenarios in which a camper’s parent may file a premises liability claim include:

A broken limb due to a fall from a broken ladder or platform;A burn from an uncontained campfire;

Food poisoning from food served to your child at the camp; and

An injury caused by a concealed hazard such as a pothole on the camp’s property.

Preventing Common Summer Camp Injuries

In addition to familiarizing yourself and your child with the camp’s rules, talk to your child about the general safety precautions he or she should always take while at camp. These include:

Always traveling with another camper;Notifying a counselor immediately if there is an emergency;Avoiding contact with wildlife;Carrying a flashlight when out after dark; and

Fire safety, such as what to do if his or her clothing catches on fire, how to safely put out a fire, and that fires should never be started without adult supervision.

Work with a La Crosse Personal Injury Attorney

If your child is injured because of another party’s negligence, he or she may be entitled to monetary compensation for his or her damages. To learn more about filing a personal injury claim after an accident at summer camp, speak with a member of our team of experienced personal injury lawyers at Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd. during your free legal consultation in our office.

Published August 2, 2016
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