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Know How to Recognize an Infection After an Injury

When a victim suffers a cut after an injury, he or she needs to take care to avoid an infection. If the victim is unconscious or unable to dress his or her own wound, his or her caretaker must take steps to avoid an infection. Infections occur when foreign objects or bacteria enter the body through a wound opening and if they are left untreated, they can cause significant health problems for the victim.

If you are injured in an accident, get the medical care you need as soon as possible. Then, consider working with an experienced personal injury lawyer to seek compensation for your damages.

Symptoms of a Wound Infection

If you experience one or more of the following symptoms after being wounded in an accident, your wound might have become infected:

  • Fever;
  • Pain around the wound;
  • Swelling or redness around the wound;
  • Red streaks on your skin around the affected area; and
  • Pus draining from the wound.

It is possible for the skin over a wound to heal and trap bacteria inside the body, allowing an infection to continue to mature despite the wound being closed. When this happens, a pocket of pus may develop under the skin, known as an abscess.

Certain individuals, such as the elderly, individuals with diabetes, and individuals with weakened immune systems, are more susceptible to infection than others.

Treating Infections

It is far easier to prevent an infection than it is to treat one. Do this by washing the fresh wound out with soap and water and applying an antibiotic ointment to it afterward, covering it with a clean dressing. If the wound does not close within a few days or if you begin to experience symptoms of an infection, seek medical attention.

Infections are treated with antibiotics like Flucloxacillin and Metronidazole. This is to keep them from spreading and causing the victim to suffer from complications, such as cellulitis and sepsis. Cellulitis is a rapidly-spreading complication that causes the skin to become red and swollen. The affected area becomes very painful for the victim and may feel hot to the touch.

Sepsis is a life-threatening complication that can occur if an infected wound is not treated correctly and within a timely manner. It occurs when the body releases chemicals to fight the foreign bacteria into the bloodstream, which can lead to organ damage and eventual organ failure. Sepsis treatment may involve antibiotics and intravenous fluids.

Work with a La Crosse Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in any type of accident, the first thing you need to do is address the injury correctly. Apply first aid to the wound and seek appropriate medical care as soon as possible. After you have done so, consider working with an experienced personal injury lawyer to pursue a claim for monetary compensation for your damages. Schedule your initial consultation with Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd. today.

Published September 7, 2016
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