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Moving Past Your Divorce by Getting to Know Yourself Better

Getting divorced can hurt. Even if you know logically that a divorce is the best choice for your marriage, it can still leave you feeling angry, sad, resentful, and overwhelmed. You might feel like you do not know how to be single or that you will never be able to find a relationship like the one you had with your spouse. These thoughts only have as much power as you are willing to give them. If you want to move past your divorce mentally and emotionally, you can be successful if you are willing to work hard. Consider working with a counselor to identify specific goals and strategies for reaching them. Talk about the following strategies and how they can work for you.

Try New Hobbies

If there is a hobby you always wanted to try but never thought you had the time or support, now is the perfect time to try. Find a meetup or an online group devoted to your hobby of choice and get to know other people in your area who enjoy the things you enjoy.

Revisit Old Hobbies

Along with finding new hobbies, rediscovering your old hobbies can be a way to empower yourself to move past your divorce and meet new people. Take the time to reconnect with the things you once loved. You might find that new technology or trends have changed the hobby in the years since you last participated.

Consider an Image Change

It is not uncommon for an individual to lose weight, change his or her hairstyle, or get a tattoo after a divorce. If you are considering one or more of these aesthetic changes, go for it. Many people use a dramatic image change following a divorce as a way to mentally separate their “married selves” from their “single selves.” If you think this could work for you, take control and make that change.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

A key part of reinventing yourself after divorce is being willing to step outside your comfort zone. If you want to try a new hobby but you are not sure about which one to pursue, find one that your “old self” never would have considered. Consider doing volunteer work or traveling to new places. If you are ready to meet new potential partners and friends, make it a point to talk to the people you meet through these activities and get to know them as individuals.

Work with an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

During and after your divorce, your own physical and mental health should be your top priorities. Leave the legal aspects of the divorce, like filing your paperwork on time, gathering evidence, and negotiating with the court and your partner’s lawyer, to one of the experienced divorce lawyers from Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd. Contact our firm today to set up your initial consultation with us, during which we can answer any questions you have and discuss strategies.

Published March 5, 2017
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