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Transitioning a Child Back to a Regular Routine After an Injury

When your child is suffering from an injury after being involved in an accident, there is a lot you can do to help him or her recover not just physically, but mentally.

Recovering mentally means adapting back to his or her previous routine of going to school and enjoying his or her regular activities. You cannot rush the recovery process, but you can support him or her and guide the recovery.

Get Back into a Routine Slowly

It is important for you to maintain a regular routine, but it is as important for you not to rush your child into the demanding routine he or she had before the injury. Make regular mealtimes and a consistent sleep schedule priorities, but do not push your child to start doing schoolwork or extracurricular activities right away. Follow your pediatrician’s guidance on when to incorporate these into your child’s routine.

Talk to Your Child About a Long-Term Recovery Plan

Your child will probably have a lot of questions for you. For the questions you can answer, answer your child truthfully. For the ones you cannot, refer to his or her pediatrician for the correct answers.

Keep a full recovery in sight as your goal. When your child asks questions, focus on his or her recovery and keep conversations positive. Your child is likely feeling scared and confused about the injury and recovery process, and as his or her parent, you need to be a safe haven for him or her.

Stay in Regular Contact with Your Child’s Doctor

This is especially true if anything out of the ordinary seems to occur, like your child’s injury seemingly becoming worse. Keep your pediatrician updated on your child’s recovery progress, and if you are ever not sure if a specific activity is safe for your child at a given point in his or her recovery, ask his or her doctor.

Understand that Recovery is More than a Physical Process

The recovery can be a complicated process for every member of your family, not just your injured child. Give yourself time to recover psychologically from your child’s accident; you might find yourself feeling anxious about situations similar to the one that preceded the accident or feeling like you somehow failed your child by letting him or her get into that situation. You did not fail as a parent. Accidents happen, and children and adults alike can be injured when they do.

Your child could experience psychological side effect too, like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If you recognize PTSD symptoms in your child, ask his or her doctor for a referral to a pediatric mental healthcare provider.

Work with an Experienced La Crosse Personal Injury Lawyer

If your child was injured in an accident, you have the right to pursue monetary compensation for his or her damages on his or her behalf. To learn more about filing and pursuing a personal injury claim on a child’s behalf, contact our team of experienced personal injury lawyers at Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd. today to set up your initial legal consultation in our office.

Published July 31, 2018
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