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Planning Retirement Or Long Term Care:


Our attorneys practicing in estate planning and business succession management to protect your retirement and your legacy. It is with experience, personal attention, and individualized options and strategies that Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd. helps to ensure the protection of your hard work and the future of your company and beneficiaries.

You have worked diligently to build your assets. Protect your business and estate against estate taxes, creditors, possible future mental or physical incapacity, and the catastrophic costs of potential long-term medical or nursing care with the assistance of our estate planning lawyers. Our law firm maintains working relationships amongst our practice areas to benefit you and your heirs.


Preserve Your Assets

To adequately plan for retirement, we help you create wealth, protect it, and avoid outliving your money. Our goal for your long-term estate plan is the same as yours—for you to live comfortably with personal and financial peace of mind, and to take care of your family as beneficiaries in the manner you intended. Our estate planning attorneys assist you in achieving these goals through the following meticulous discussions:


  • Retirement objectives

  • Present and future financial situations

  • Retirement plan development

  • Way to receive retirement income

  • Estate plan development


Health Care and Financial Power of Attorney

We all worry about our ability to manage our own affairs in the case of mental or physical incapacitation. Proper and legal long-term planning helps to clearly and specifically inform your family and friends of your wishes should you become unable to state them yourself. The estate planning attorneys of Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd. can help you draft a Financial Power of Attorney and/or Health Care Power of Attorney to ensure your wishes are respected. 

  • The Durable Financial Power of Attorney authorizes a person or persons to manage your financial affairs in case of incapacitation.

  • Designate a person to make medical treatment decisions on your behalf should it become necessary.

  • These documents are used in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.


The importance of long-term and retirement plans is undeniable. Whether you are just starting to build your estate, in your middle-years, or approaching retirement age, we are ready to help you.