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False Accusations During the Divorce Process

Some people view the divorce process as a battlefield. Although the court is bound to obey a set of state-specific rules to ensure that divorce settlements are reached fairly and equitably, individuals often attempt to pervert this system and can resort to lying about their former spouses in an attempt to receive a greater share of their marital assets, parenting time, or to alter the amount of spousal maintenance they are required to pay or are entitled to receive.

If your former spouse lies to the court about your conduct before or during the divorce process, fight back by providing proof of your true character. Your divorce attorney can help you obtain and use this proof to help the court get a better understanding of you and your marriage.

If you are Accused of Hiding Assets

Divorcing individuals sometimes attempt to hide assets to keep them from being divided by the divorce court. If you are accused of hiding assets, you can be subject to a full investigation of your current holdings. Provide documentation showing all the recent purchases you made an assets you obtained to prove that you are not attempting to hide assets from your spouse. If your spouse claims that an asset you hold singly should be subject to property division, prove that it is yours alone by providing proof of its ownership.

If you are Accused of Poor Parenting

In an attempt to be given more time with your children or even sole custody of them, your former spouse might tell the court that you are not a fit parent. He or she might allege that you are abusive, neglectful, or even simply not present in your child’s life. Prove him or her wrong by providing testimony from your child’s teacher, pediatrician, counselor, or other party who knows your relationship with your child well enough to discuss it with the court.

If you are Accused of Substance Abuse or Criminal Activity

If you are accused of substance abuse in an effort by your spouse to limit your time with your children, prove him or her wrong by providing the court with the results of a drug test. Likewise, if you are accused of criminal activity or domestic violence, you can prove that you are innocent by citing the lack of charges against you or discussing your previous interactions with the court. If you do have substance abuse or criminal charges in your history, do not hide them – be willing to discuss how these events played out and how they do not affect your ability to parent or your marital assets today.

Work with a Divorce Attorney

Emotions can run high during a divorce and spouses can become combative. If you are facing false accusations from your spouse made in an attempt to make you look “bad” to the court, you need to prove these accusations wrong with sufficient evidence and guidance from an experienced divorce lawyer. Contact Moen Sheehan Meyer, Ltd. to schedule your initial legal consultation with a member of our team today.

Published April 5, 2016
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