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Steps for Creating Your Estate Plan

May 3, 2019

An estate plan is a group of legal documents that provides details for the distribution of your assets and property following your death. It also may include important instructions regarding your health care if you become incapacitated. If you do not have an estate plan, you should. You can follow the following steps and get […]

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Understanding the Probate Process

March 17, 2019

When someone passes away in Wisconsin or elsewhere, that person’s estate typically must be distributed through a process called probate. If a relative or loved one recently died, it can be helpful to understand the process. You may want some assistance throughout the probate process from an experienced Wisconsin probate attorney. What is Probate? Probate […]

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What is Probate and do I Need an Attorney?

January 27, 2019

Probate is the process of transferring property from an estate after death. When someone passes away, his or her assets and property still belong to the estate. A will is in place to provide directions for how the property is to be distributed after death. The process is overseen by the probate courts. Wisconsin Statutes […]

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What is a Health Care Power of Attorney and do I Need One?

December 22, 2018

It is important to prepare for situations that may arise as you get older. For example, it is essential to have a estate plan in place to ensure that your loved ones are cared for in the manner you desire after your death. One part of a comprehensive estate plan is a health care power […]

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What can I Expect if Chosen to Serve as Power of Attorney?

November 10, 2018

If you are chosen to the power of attorney for a family member or friend, you will likely have a lot of questions. One of the most common questions estate planning lawyers answer involves the responsibilities of a person chosen as power of attorney. This is not uncommon as many people are only chosen once […]

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When Should You Update Your Will?

September 15, 2018

You will undoubtedly enjoy many different milestones in your life. These milestones will be a mix of happy ones and sad ones. These milestones should lead you to do one thing each time you reach one – update your will. Simply creating a will and leaving it alone will not do you any good later […]

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Making the Right Choice for Your Power of Attorney

August 10, 2018

Choosing a power of attorney to handle your estate is one of the most important decisions you will make in life. Hopefully, your will was created early in life and it only needs to be updated when major life events occur. If not, now is the time to create your will and estate planning documents […]

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Dying Intestate

November 9, 2017

Dying without a will is also known as dying intestate. Basically, this means that because you did not provide an outline for your assets’ distribution to your loved ones after your death, the court must determine which heirs have the right to inherit your assets, then distribute them to these heirs on your behalf. This […]

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Estate Planning Considerations if You Have Minor Children

November 5, 2017

For parents of minor children, the estate planning process involves a few more considerations than it does for parents of adults and individuals who do not have children. Because a minor cannot access and use financial assets, parents of minors must designate trustees to manage the assets their children inherit until they turn 18 or […]

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Now is the Time to Talk to Your Elderly Parents About Estate Planning

October 26, 2017

Talking about money and finances with your parents can be awkward. Talking about them within the context of the end of their lives and what will happen to their assets after they pass away can be downright uncomfortable. If your parents have assets and they have not yet thought about their estate plans, now is […]

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