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Is it Better to Rent or Buy Commercial Property?

January 23, 2023

There are advantages and disadvantages to both options, so it is helpful to learn more before you make a choice. Here are some things to consider.

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Does a New Owner Have to Honor a Commercial Lease?

July 18, 2022

Generally, when a landlord sells a commercial property, Wisconsin law requires a landlord to keep the current leases and tenants in place, unless there are any specific terms in the lease that pertain to the sale of the property.

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Does a Reverse Mortgage Affect Social Security or Medicare?

June 13, 2022

A reverse mortgage does not affect standard or disability social security or Medicare. However, if you are the recipient of supplemental security income, (SSI), a reverse mortgage will impact you.

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Should I Rent or Buy a Building for My Business?

May 31, 2022

Is it best to lease space or purchase a building for your business? There are advantages and disadvantages to both choices. The answer depends on a variety of factors and is a choice that is unique to your specific company.

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What Does ‘As-Is’ Mean in a Real Estate Contract?

May 16, 2022

The term “as-is” does not mean that you cannot obtain inspections or make requests regarding the condition of the property. If a major issue is found during inspection, it may override the “as-is” nature of the sale.

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What Should be Included in a Commercial Lease Agreement?

April 4, 2022

Whether you are a property owner or tenant, you want to be sure that the commercial lease agreement includes everything necessary to protect you throughout the duration of your lease.

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What are Easement Rights in Wisconsin?

November 11, 2021

Whether you own a home or are considering purchasing one, it is important to understand easement rights. An easement is a grant that allows another party to use someone else’s land. It is best to make sure that you understand the easements of your property before you purchase or complete construction of any type on the land.

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What is Escrow and How Does it Work?

September 24, 2021

Real estate transactions can be complicated. Both the seller and the buyer often have issues with the sale. Escrow is an account that holds funds back until the terms of the contract are fulfilled. Escrow is helpful because it protects both the buyer and seller and allows the sale to go through rather than waiting for the issues to get resolved first. Money or assets placed in escrow are held by a third party until the completion of the specific requirements. Escrow may be on behalf of the buyer or the seller.

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What are the Different Types of Property Deeds?

September 17, 2021

There are a variety of different types of property deeds, so it is helpful to understand their differences and uses.

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How Can We Resolve Boundary Line Disputes?

July 23, 2021

Disputes over boundary lines are most likely to occur when someone constructs a fence or other structure. You need to do everything you can to protect your property and maintain your investment. A dispute can make life miserable and it can impact your acreage. When you have a boundary line dispute, it is often a good idea to seek guidance from an experienced attorney.

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