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Can Mediation Deal with Business Disputes?

April 18, 2022

Mediation can be a good option for resolving business disputes. It is less formal than arbitration, and less expensive than litigation.

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Does Wisconsin Have a Separation Requirement Before Divorcing?

April 11, 2022

Wisconsin has several important requirements in place for those who wish to end their marriage. Although couples do not have to be legally separated to file for divorce, there is a 120-day waiting period. The waiting period begins when you file jointly or when a spouse is served with papers.

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What Should be Included in a Commercial Lease Agreement?

April 4, 2022

Whether you are a property owner or tenant, you want to be sure that the commercial lease agreement includes everything necessary to protect you throughout the duration of your lease.

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How to Begin the Process of Adopting a Child

March 28, 2022

Many people consider adopting a child. Every year, about 164,000 children are adopted in the United States, and even more are adopted from other countries. The decision to adopt is a big one, so it is helpful to learn how the process works before you begin.

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How Do I Register as a Farmer in Wisconsin?

March 21, 2022

Establishing a farm as a business in Wisconsin? You’ll want to make sure you choose the appropriate type of business structure and obtain the necessary licenses.

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Can a Person with Dementia Sign Legal Documents?

March 14, 2022

A person with dementia may or may not be able to sign legal documents, depending on their current mental capacity.

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What are the Key Elements of a Buy-Sell Agreement?

March 7, 2022

Key elements define the details and clarify the terms, triggering events, and payout options that are part of the contract.

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Can You Write Your Own Postnuptial Agreement?

February 28, 2022

While you can create your own postnuptial agreement in Wisconsin, it may not be in your best interest to do so. There are several elements involved, and if it is not executed properly, it may not be enforceable in a divorce.

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Is it Legal to Terminate an Employee Without Notice in Wisconsin?

February 21, 2022

Under Wisconsin law, an employer does not have to give any notice or reason to terminate an employee. However, there are exceptions.

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How Soon Can I Get Remarried After Getting Divorced in Wisconsin?

February 14, 2022

Under Statute 765.03 of Wisconsin state law, a person must wait six months after getting divorced before they can remarry.

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