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What are the Dos and Don’ts of Mediation?

May 13, 2024

While there are not any steadfast rules, there are some important dos and don’ts that you will want to follow when you participate in mediation.

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Can I Apply for Medicaid Before My Divorce is Final?

May 6, 2024

If you are eligible for Medicaid, you will need to obtain insurance that goes into effect as soon as your divorce is finalized.

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Are There Different Levels of Guardianship in Wisconsin?

April 29, 2024

There are four main types of guardianship for minors in Wisconsin: emergency, temporary, limited, and full guardianship.

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Getting Divorced While Pregnant: What to Know

April 22, 2024

One of the questions that you must answer when filing for divorce is whether you are pregnant; and while you can file and begin the process, the court will not finalize a divorce until after the birth of the child.

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How is Child Support Calculated in Wisconsin?

April 15, 2024

The calculation for child support payments includes the parents’ income, the custody and visitation arrangement, and the number of children.

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Does Wisconsin Require a Business License?

April 8, 2024

Most jurisdictions require some type of license based on the type of business you have. A business license is a document that ensures you meet the requirements for operation. If you operate without the proper licensing, you could be fined or forced to close your business

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How Do I Protect Myself From Shady Contractors?

April 2, 2024

Sometimes, a shady contractor can take advantage of even the smartest homeowners. Here are some tips to help protect yourself from disreputable contractors.

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What Information Do I Need to Disclose About a Data Breach?

March 25, 2024

If your company’s data was hacked and personal information breached, you are required to disclose it pursuant to the law.

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Can a Gift in a Will Come With a Condition?

March 18, 2024

A will can include a provision that allows for the distribution of an asset only after a specific condition has been met.

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How Far From the Property Line Can I Build a Fence in Wisconsin?

March 11, 2024

When a fence is to be built between your property and another person’s property, you may place it on the property line only when you have permission from the other party.

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