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July is Vehicle Theft Prevention Month

July 23, 2019

Your car or SUV is the primary way you get around. It gets you to and from work, school, activities, shopping, and more. If you are suddenly without your vehicle, you suffer a great hardship. Unfortunately, vehicle theft is becoming a growing problem across the country. In 2017, more than 770,000 vehicles were stolen in […]

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Semi-Truck Accident Leaves Two Dead

July 11, 2019

A fiery and violent multi-vehicle crash resulted in two fatalities. The terrifying incident occurred on I-94 in Racine County. According to reports from the Racine County Sheriff’s Office, a semi-truck heading southbound made a lane change, but over-corrected and lost control. The truck hit the center wall, which pushed into the northbound lanes of traffic. […]

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Bicycle Accidents and Safety in Wisconsin

June 8, 2019

Getting around by bicycle is a growing trend. Bicycles are great for the environment and they provide riders with excellent exercise. Whether you use your bike as transportation or simply for recreation, you need to make sure you are safe on the road. In Wisconsin, bicycles are considered vehicles. When you drive on the roads, […]

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Wrong-Way Drivers Cause Problems on Wisconsin Roadways

May 29, 2019

When you drive on a Wisconsin road, you know that you need to be careful of other nearby drivers. What you may not be ready for is a vehicle driving the wrong way. It happens more often than you may think. A driver gets onto a highway in the wrong lane and continues to drive, […]

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May is Motorcycle Awareness Month

April 28, 2019

As the weather warms, more and more motorcyclists will take to our roadways. While motorcycles are fun to ride, they can also be dangerous. Other drivers need to be cautious and watch for motorcyclists. May has been designated Motorcycle Awareness Month. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents are all too common, and when they occur, there are likely […]

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Pedestrian Accidents and Fatalities Continue to Rise

March 27, 2019

The streets and highways are becoming more and more dangerous for pedestrians. While vehicles have incorporated better and more sophisticated safety technology, the rate of pedestrian deaths due to vehicle accidents is on the rise. In fact, the rate of pedestrian deaths is the highest it has been in almost three decades. As many as […]

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131-Car Pile-up Leaves One Person Dead, Many Injured

March 12, 2019

A massive pile-up on Interstate 41 involved 131 vehicles. The huge accident occurred near Neenah, Wisconsin in Winnebago County. According to the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office, the chain-reaction accident likely happened due to blowing snow and white-out conditions. The accident resulted in one fatality and 71 people taken to local hospitals. It took police two […]

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What Types of Damages can I Get in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

February 19, 2019

When you have been seriously injured in an accident, you are probably wondering what types of damages you may be owed as a result. You are likely undergoing medical treatment to resolve your injuries and the medical bills may be starting to cause concern. You may also wonder how much your claim is worth. Since […]

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Safe Winter Driving Tips

February 5, 2019

Winter offers some of the worst weather of the year and it can make driving difficult and dangerous. Accidents are more common on icy roads and when visibility is reduced by blowing snow. It is important to stay safe on the roads this winter and know what to do if you are in a car […]

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Should I Accept a Settlement Offer After an Accident

January 22, 2019

Car accidents occur quite often. While they usually result in minor injuries and damage, sometimes the injuries are serious. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (Wis DOT), there were more than 31,000 injury crashes in the state in 2016 and more than 43,000 people were injured. An accident can leave you with physical injuries […]

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